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I encourage you to read the news articles linked in the News section. On April 12, 2022, Waupaca County Circuit Court Judge Huber ruled a Brady Violation had occurred regarding the search of a suspects car. (See attached YouTube link defining a Brady Law violation is in the News portion of this site.)

The citizens of Waupaca County deserve better and I want to rebuild the trust that has been broken.  I want to improve relationships with community partners and make things better for employees of the Waupaca County Sheriff's Office. I want to improve staff morale and allow staff to raise concerns without fear of discipline. I will work diligently to repair the working relationship with the District Attorney's office and entire criminal justice system. I would be transparent with the County Board, Circuit Courts, District Attorney's Office, Police Departments, Department of Health and Human Services, and Citizens.  It is time to rebuild the trust!



Build Department Morale

Morale within the Waupaca County Sheriff's Office is low. I would work hard to make employees feel important and needed. I will do this by sitting down with each employee and finding out what is important to them. I will listen to advice, needs and wants to provide a positive work environment. 

I will spend time with employees on each shift. I will sit with dispatchers, jailers, records personnel and ride with patrol officers on each shift.

I will encourage employees to set career goals and help them attain their goals. I will do this by sending them to appropriate training, and provide mentoring and guidance.

Repairing relationships

The working relationship between the Sheriff's Office and District Attorney's Office is extremely important. The communication between the two departments has deteriorated and has impeded the prosecution of suspects. I also have concerns of victims being revictimized.

The Waupaca County Sheriff's Office needs to reestablish communication with the Department of Health and Human Services. The Sheriff's Office needs to support the community and its citizens in need. 

I will fix the issues. Communication and trust will calm many of the problems. (Please see my News Page for news articles about problems in Waupaca County).



I will work to rebuild the trust with Waupaca County.  I promise to hold myself and all of my staff accountable.  When we make a mistake, we will acknowledge it.  I understand rebuilding trust will be challenging and will take time, but as your Sheriff I look forward to this challenge.  I am excited to take this journey with you, partnering up to make Waupaca County a safe place to live.  

I will have updates on social media pages for the community to read. I promise to have an open door policy for the citizens of Waupaca County to be heard. I will keep social media pages current and promote the great work the men and women of this department do. I will focus on educating the public through social media and highlight the positive interactions staff have with the community.    

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